We are a group of professionals specialized in area of analysis, design, programming and testing the IT solutions. Our knowenledge which allow us to make such projects is a result of many years of professional experience. It ranges from wide, distributed systems to a desktop applications. We rely on new technologies as a foundation of our work. We are allways eager to develop new solutions which are best suited to fullfill needs of our Customers. Satisfaction of our Customer is main determinant of our activities. During the five years of common work we managed to build well organized team capable of accomplishing big, complicated projects and installing them in a way which met high exceptations of our Customers.

We have great experience in using verified tools, technologies and methodologies which aid us in a process of software development. We are providing applications which are working on many platforms and fulifilling various needs of our Customers. Nowadays, when short deadlines and scalability of solutions are main factors of IT market we are specializing in making software which is very scalable and can be adapted to a specific need in very short period of time. In all of our IT solutions we guarantee high level of access security.

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